Our Commitment For Impartiality

1. TGS will act independently and in the manner that it will attach importance to impartiality in all its certification services within the scope of the ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO/IEC 27006.

2. TGS has guaranteed that, when it carries out its activities, it will ensured that its employees will be far from all kinds political, commercial, and financial pressures.

3. It will not be allowed that the decisions of all the personnel and committees taking part in the certification activities will not be affected by any person or institution.

4. If there is a situation that might inflict conflicts of interests during the receipt of the application of the institution requesting certification, no certification service will be given to that institution.

5. All the resources required for the performance of the certification service in the best way, for ensuring the constant satisfaction of our customers and for keeping the complaints at minimum will be provided at all times.

6. TGS will have an objective approach in its certification activities that it carries out to the parties . Required precautions for the circumstances that might cause conflict of interest will be

7. Consultancy service will by no means be provided by TGS.
8. TGS has taken out occupational liability insurance against the damages and risks that might be posed on third parties within the scope of the certification activities.

9. TGS will in no way conduct implementations of discrimination by fastening or slowing down the application for the institutions that make an application to it for the certification transaction.

10. TGS undertakes that it will stay away from all kinds of behaviors that might affect the Institutions negatively, that it will not behave without tolerance, and it will treat them impartially and impartially.

11. TGS will not propose and market to the firms that will violate the accreditation rules, that will cause conflict of interest, and that will threaten its impartiality when presenting the certification services. In addition, TGS has understood the importance of Independence and Impartiality and conducted and having been managed its analyses to eliminate the possible conflicts of interests and/or reduce them to an acceptable level.

General Manager
Oktay İNCİ