The management system is to be determined in writing by a third party (independent) institution or organization that the laboratory, service, inspection or product is appropriate for a specific standard or technical regulation.

It is intended to determine at what level the dumped system is understood, implemented and observed by the relevant employees; In short, it examines the appropriateness between the planned regulations and the implementation of these regulations.

We provide special trainings on all aspects of the control systems such as Lead Auditor, Internal Auditor, Basic Education, Awareness Training and Documentation Training. Our Lead Auditor Trainings are IRCA Approved Globally Recognized Trainings.

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How Does The Certification Process ?

The organizations/institutions that make a Certification request deliver the information like corporate information, standard, scope, number of the employees in view of the issue for which they would like to receive a Certificate. As a result of the TGS assessment, a proposal text that contains the Service fee is sent to that Organizations/Institution. In the case of agreement in terms of the proposal, the text of the agreement drawn up and approved by TGS is sent to the Organizations/Institution and it is asked to approve it and deliver a copy of it to TGS .

Appointed TGS personnel come to terms in the respective issues by Planning the areas and locations where the institution is active in terms of technical and calendar issues and in line with the way defined by international guidebooks. The contents on which an agreement is reached in the planning processes are delivered to the Organizations/institution and TGS Inspection team in writing. The Organizations/Institution and Inspection team are requested to approve the delivered Content in line with Technical and Calendar plans and the principle of impartiality.

TGS Inspection Team holds the inauguration meeting that will be attended by at least one authorized personnel from the Organizations/Institution. In this meeting, information regarding the inspection objective and targets, types of findings, inspection method, periods to be applied on the findings, complaint, and objection process, by the TGS Inspection team . The organizations/institution personnel who will be guiding the TGS Inspection team are determined and the inspection that will be carried out in the operational fields is started. At the end of the Inspection, a closure meeting to be attended by the TGS Inspection Team and at least one authorized personnel from the Organizations/Institution is held. The closure meeting is terminated upon the explanation of the findings, opinion of the Inspection Team, and future processes .

Upon the delivery of the Inspection result (Report) to TGS, the TGS Inspection team checks the “Certifications is found Compliant” and whether the service fees of the Organizations/Institution have been entirely paid and Respective Report is Certification Decision Committee that acts impartially and it is requested to take it into the Decision process. If granting of certification is appropriate according to the Decision taken by the Committee, the TGS authorized representatives send its Certificate to the Organizations/Institution in seven workdays.

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