Corporate Audit Services

Corporate Audit Services

We are presenting fast and understandable result reports to you, our valuable customers, in line with objective findings, through the control criteria determined specifically for you, in all the activities relating to your field of operation, affecting your business directly or indirectly, like process audits, dealer network audits, hotel audits, inspection before dispatch, food chain audits, and supplier audits supporting corporate development, and with an impartial and independent approach.

Main Audit Types

Supplier audits are the inspection and reporting of the suppliers providing all the material and services in the form of production and/or service in compliance with the Quality Management System, as an independent and external observer, and in keeping with the numeric and objective criteria. Such audits are to ensure

* Compliance, expansion, and continuity of the requirements of the Quality Management System and institution principles, within the institution.

* Reporting of the current or potential mistakes between the Institution and the supplier and taking precautions

* The possibility for creating the actions in a fast manner for the elimination of mistakes

It becomes harder for institutions to provide the products and services in the same quality as long as the number of their branches and representation offices increases. Hence, by conducting independent institution and branch / representation office audit, it ensures the protection of the functionality of the standard applications determined in the same operational processes, without being subject to a change, and the continuity of the products/services in the same quality.

Hotel audits are being carried out taking the three headings of service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer safety into account. Audits are performed with two-night accommodation.

Real objective of Hotel audits is to reveal their strong and weak points in terms of customer satisfaction by inspecting all the processes starting from reception.

Through the data acquired from the audits, the areas where your hotel can be improved are determined and you will have the opportunity of increasing the customer satisfaction as a result of the improvements that you will make by using such data.

It is the assessment and reporting service for the compliance of institutions with the legislations, in their works they carry out for the competences in the customer conditions, or management systems by a third party independent institution, outside in-house structuring, in an objective manner. TGS preliminary audit services are limited with one Audit/Day for the subject of management systems .

Preliminary Audits guide the institutions to see their level of Compliance .

The preliminary audits conducted prior to the actual audits prevent the actual audits from being repeated and thus, minimize the loss of time and funds.

In the pre-dispatch controls, it is expected that the production has been completed 100% and at least 80% of the goods have been packaged. The samples controlled are chosen randomly in accordance with the AQL standard.

There are defects that might emerge for any product. Our inspections are conducted on the basis of the type, function, properties, and other important content of every product and by making use of the standards, legislations and, if any, customer specific criteria .

The Pre-dispatch Inspection is carried out by means of using the following topics.

- Amount
- Onsite Tests
- Packaging
- Customer's Special Requirements
- Workmanship
- Product Properties
- Marking and Labeling

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