TGS Belgelendirme - TGS Certification


The increase in the diversity of products/services that are the reflections of technologic developments in the world of business and launch of the products/services that are equipped with more and more functions gradually on the market bring along the demands of consumers for assurance of compliance regarding quality, safety, durability, and compliance with the purpose of utilization.

The “Compliance Assessment” concept that were created by such requests audit and certification services were disciplined for production and service processes.

TGS International Certification was founded in 2007. Our service areas are Management systems certification, Training services, Periodic Inspection and Supplier audits.

We keep working to take place among the best companies of the sector as well by means of investing in Technical infrastructure, Human resources, and our brand since the beginning of our foundation.

TGS that provides services to small, medium, and large domestic and foreign companies has the capability and infrastructure that can respond to the customer needs.

In the Certification services, without compromising the independence, confidentiality, and impartiality principle, we are providing the required systematic compliance assessment service that supports constant improvement of the firms to which we provide the certification service, for fulfilling the expectations of their own and their customers.

In our Certification activities, presentation of the services that comply with the international rules and that create difference and increase of our service diversity is vital for our company and constitutes the foundations of our constant improvement.

As TGS, our objective is to form, develop, and maintain a long term business partnership taking part in the center of Constant Development together with our Customers.